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Welcome to Tactical Black Combat Firearms and Hostile Environment Training.  At Tactical Black our emphasis is on providing a safe training environment with a staff that provides quality training in an effective, relaxed and timely manner.

The Tactical Black - MTS (Modular Training System) has a clear focus on teaching and engraining proven techniques for dealing with high stress situations appropriate to the weapon and module being taught. We utilize combat proven methodology in realistic scenarios to deliver a superior combat attitude and to grow the individual skill set.

Our Vision

​At Tactical Black our mission is to provide the highest quality of training available while focusing on safety.

Gun etiquette and safe training methods are the foundations of our company philosophy.  We meld practicality with efficiency while maintaining our firm emphasis on safety giving our clients the confidence to excel.

Company Profile

Tactical Black was formed in 2010 by founder and CEO Eddie Maldonado a firearms instructor with over a decade of experience and partners Kim Laird and Daniel Stafford.

Their innovation has allowed the company to experience growth which has kept them on the leading edge of combat weapons training.

Tactical Black continues to refine the skills, methods and techniques employed in the field today.


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