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Handgun Training

We offer a variety of courses designed to familiarize you with the handgun and hone your skills.

We also provide armory and weapons handling courses as well as dry training courses.

Our consultations services are available for one on one instruction, group training and off site training.

Shotgun and Rifle Training

We provide both shotgun and rifle training for advanced operators and beginners.  Please contact us for booking.

Rifle courses are available for precision marksmanship and advanced operator in addition to our beginner courses.

Shotgun courses are available for all levels of expertise.

Note - All shotgun and rifle courses require a minimum of 7 days advanced booking.

Weapons rentals and ammunition are not included.

All Women's Training

Women's training covers additional elements including situational awareness, overcoming disparity of force, gaining tactical advantage and threat neutralization.

All our courses are available in an all women's training environment including one on one instruction, group training and off site training.

All women's training is available on all systems.

Advanced Training

We have a variety of advanced courses available including low light ops, vehicle ops and shoot house ops.

All of our advanced courses are available on the following systems - Handgun, shotgun and rifle.  Combined courses are available upon request.

All our advanced courses are available as one on one training, group training and limited off site training.  All courses are also available in a dry training/none firing environment.

Advanced courses require basic training or previous training, please contact us to verify if your experience qualifies.

Note - Advanced courses require 7 to 14 days advanced booking.

Range fees vary for advanced courses, weapons rentals and ammunition are available.

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